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When most people think of African music, they think percussion. But the beats are only the beginning here. On this CD, a collection of instrumentals that sprang from Samite's deep knowledge of tradition and his recent soundtrack work, the producers explore the storytelling powers of many instruments and Africa's melodic roots. Read More...

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About Trust

When most people think of African music, they think percussion. But the beats are only the beginning here. On this CD, a collection of instrumentals that sprang from Samite’s deep knowledge of tradition and his recent soundtrack work, the producers explore the storytelling powers of many instruments and Africa’s melodic roots.

“We want people to hear the many parts of African music. We wanted to take out the drums, yet still retain the music’s power to make people dance. To make it beautiful and deep.”

To do this Samite worked in close concert with a trusted group of friends and top musicians, collaborating on production. TRUST takes Samite’s signature melodies and rhythmic sensibilities, and transforms them with everything from ringing guitars to a velvet-voiced cello, along with Samite’s sprightly kalimba (thumb piano) and lyrical flute.

All proceeds from TRUST will go to Musicians for World Harmony (musiciansforworldharmony.org), a non-profit initiative to bring healing to people displaced and traumatized by conflict via music performance and music therapy.

Samite knows the true value of trust. A multi-instrumentalist steeped in the traditional culture of his Ugandan upbringing, he was forced by a brutal war to flee his home as a young man. After years as a refugee in Kenya, Samite landed in the U.S. and began using his musical vision to give back to distraught people in African conflict zones.

Recently, he was asked by director Charles Evans, Jr. to contribute to the documentary ADDICTION INCORPORATED. The musical vignettes designed to illustrate the film’s narrative took on a life of their own. Soon, Evans, South African guitarist and close friend Tony Cedras, and Samite found themselves in the control booth of Daddy’s House Recording Studios, P Diddy’s studio in New York, urging other musicians to play the parts Samite usually performed himself. “We made most decisions between the three of us. It was the most democratic working environment ever,” Samite says. Once the soundtrack was composed, Evans suggested that the musical cues be developed into songs for a full-length CD - and TRUST is the result.

The trio of producers discovered unexpected special moments in their work together. Evans was filming a recording session and caught Cedras playing the title track, Trust, on guitar. On film, only Cedras’ rippling playing was audible and the friends were struck by its spare beauty. The serendipitious discovery became “Trust, Unplugged.”

This project was so fulfilling for the trio that they have already embarked on a second recording project, this one featuring Cedras’ musical roots.


  • TRUST was recorded at Daddy's House Recording Studios, NY NY – Justin Sampson, Engineer

  • Additional Recordings of "Trust" and "Infatuated" were recorded at Samite Music Studio, Ithaca NY – Mike Caporizzo, Engineer

  • Additional Recordings on "Infatuated" were recorded at Pyramid Stuidos, Ithaca NY – Mike Caporizzo, Engineer


  • Justin Sampson at Daddy's House Recording Studios

  • Mike Caporizzo at Samite Music Studio

  • Additional editing on "Sunday Morning" by Kevin Harper at Samite Music Studio


Thom Cadley Music, Katona NY


Daniel Bacigalupi, Georgetown Mastering, Nashville TN


In review - Trust Therapy

I admit that I have sat on the recording Trust by Samite, Charles Evans, Jr. and Tony Cedras for over a month because I didn't know how to frame the music on the CD. First, and most important, Trust acts as a fundraising album for Samite's nonprofit Musicians for World Harmony which brings music and music therapy to at-risk groups in Africa, mainly East Africa. Second, the CD comes with a warning that the music that appears on the recording is from the movie Addiction Incorporated in which Samite composed the soundtrack. And with all that gravity, you probably expect sad ballads with social messages, none of which you will find on this CD. 


From: The Whole Music Experience



Making it Beautiful and Deep

Renowned Ugandan multi-instrumentalist Samite develops new East African instrumental music on his latest CD, titled Trust. For this project, Samite decided to focus on the melodic traditions of East Africa, leaving drums and percussion out.

"We wanted to stay away from drums and percussion on this album," says Samite, "and to get people to hear other parts of African music. We wanted to take out the drums, yet still retain the music's power and the ability to make people dance. To make it beautiful and deep."

Beautiful indeed. On Trust , Samite skillfully blends Uganda's Bakisimba rhythm, reggae, jazz, call and response techniques and other influences.


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Together, this ensemble makes powerful, instrumental music that is rich in East African melodies and draws inspiration from Cedras' South African upbringing. Samite regularly visits Uganda and Congo with musicians and music professionals to work with local musicians, children, and other displaced people to bring relief to their trauma through the power of music. Check out Samite performing "Mutoto" below. Mutoto means young child in Swahiri. In this song, the young child is a mountain gorilla who is happy that people came to visit his family in peace. Trust is available now so pick it up at your local record store. 


From: Splinters and Candy



CD Review: Samite's 'Trust'

Ugandan-born and US-based, Samite brings an acoustic style to East African music that is instrumental, upbeat, and brimming with sparkling notes of contemporary beauty. On Trust, which is the soundtrack for a documentary film--Addiction Incorporated--Samite paints images of acoustic beauty with twinkling kalimba, airy flute, folksy accordion, jazzy trumpet, and other assorted winds, strings, and percussion. The mostly instrumental work contains not only acoustic guitar and some electric guitar, but penny whitles, piccolo, cello, and trombone. The upbeat, rumba and highlife style of the instrumental music is very enjoyable overall. Fans of African jazz, mbira, folk, highlife, contemporary African music, and instrumental fusion will love Samite's latest release. ~ Matthew Forss 

From: Inside World Music



Samite - Trust

If Samite's aim is to explore the options from across this continent, he has brought in plenty of colour to do so. There is a sauntering trombone or trumpet here, a sprightly piccolo or lazy acordion there, or a cello that responds to the guitar and kalimba parts behind it.

Once a refugee in Kenya from war in his homeland, Samite found his way to New York. After some time expressing his musical heritage there, he was asked to contribute to the documentary Addiction Incorporated. Trust comes from the music in that film, but Samite has brought in others to play many of his parts, leading to a wider palette of tones and more expertise. His main collaborator is Tony Cedras, a guitarist, who has worked with Paul Simon. 


From: The Phantom Tollbooth




The African kalimba ace moves his sound and career in a new direction with this soundtrack for the pic "Addiction Incorporated". The trust part comes about as he's opened himself up to working and playing well with others and letting other players play parts he normally would have played himself. Sounding like something Paul Winter should have stumbled across by now, kalimba is front and center knocking you out right away with what a charming sound the little hand instrument makes---particularly when in the right hands. With a little too much pepper in the mix to be a trance session, Samite opens up a whole new world beat room of African music that really charms as it cooks. Fun stuff adult ears will get immediately when on the prowl for something really different. Check it out. While it might not be for everyone, it's a natch for those it's for.

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Record Review: Samite - Trust (2012)

This is an album rooted in East African tradition albeit with a sound that rarely springs out from that continent. Remarkably, there are no percussions here, which comprise the biggest and most celebrated part of the African sound. Guitars, cello, flute, bass and Samite Mulondo's (the main composer of the album) kalimba nail down one eloquent melody after the other in imaginative song arrangements. The album is built on musical ideas of Samite, which accompanied the documentary 'Addiction Incorporated' – showcasing the corruption of the tobacco industries and the way they have been manipulating consumers. All proceeds from 'Trust' will be given to 'Musicians For World harmony', in support of people displaced or traumatised by conflict.


From: Freegan Kolektiva 

About The Producers


producer-samiteThe world-renowned musician Samite was born and raised in Uganda, where his grandfather taught him to play the traditional flute. When he was twelve, a music teacher placed a western flute in his hands setting him on his way to becoming one of East Africa’s most acclaimed flutists. Samite immigrated to the United States in 1987, and now he and his wife Sandra make their home in Ithaca, New York. Today his smooth vocals accompanied by the kalimba, marimba, litungu, and various flutes mesmerize audiences throughout the world.

Samite has released eight CDs internationally and in 2009, the film Taking Root: The Vision of Wangari Maathai, which features his original score, debuted nationally on PBS.

Samite is the subject of the documentary, Song of the Refugee, distributed by PBS in 1998. It was while filming this that Samite’s work as a humanitarian began. In 2002, he founded Musicians for World Harmony, and in that capacity he travels to sing, play music, and exchange stories with victims of war, poverty and HIV/AIDS. He has traveled extensively in the war-torn and distressed countries of Uganda, Kenya, Congo, Rwanda, Tanzania, Latvia, Liberia and Cote d’Ivoire to work in refugee camps, with former child soldiers and AIDS orphans. In his role as Founding Director of Musicians for World Harmony, Samite is fortunate to bring his message of peace to a wide audience including several performances for the Dalai Lama and various United Nations events.
Click Here to Visit Samite's Site: www.samite.com



Charles Evans, Jr

charlie evansAt age nine, Charles Evans Jr.’s first film work was clearing 16mm trim bins (reconstituting picture and sound scraps) for his mother, documentarian Frances Evans, while she edited.

Evans earned his undergraduate degree at UC-Berkley with a major in “Short Story Writing.” His thesis, a collection of short stories, won the University’s Eisner Prize For Literature. Evans went on to complete the production program at University of Southern California’s film school. He wrote, produced and directed his thesis, “Second Son”. Shot in 35mm, the film went on to win twelve awards including the Grand Prix at Clermont-Ferrand’s competition. The film-maker worked for two years at Touchstone Pictures as Director of Development for Randall Kleiser Productions, before founding Acappella Pictures in March, 1993.

Evans produced Johnny Depp’s directorial debut, THE BRAVE, based on the novel by Gregory Mcdonald. Johnny and Marlon Brando starred. The production was an official selection for competition in the 1997 Cannes film festival. His enduring commitment to produce a film on the life of Howard Hughes resulted in THE AVIATOR (2004, BAFTA, Golden Globes).

In his directorial debut, ADDICTION INCORPORATED, he tells the true story of how Victor DeNoble’s unexpected discovery of an addiction ingredient in tobacco leads to both more addictive Marlboro cigarettes and Congressional testimony. The public revelation of long held tobacco industry secrets leads journalists, politicians, attorneys and whistle blowers into an unexpected alliance, that achieves the first ever federal regulation of the tobacco industry.



Tony Cedras

TonyCedrasBorn in Elsies River, Cape Town, South Africa and based in New York, Tony Cedras is a composer and musician who has toured internationally. Cedras’ first musical experiences were in the local church choir, singing and also playing piano and accordion. He soon progressed to trumpet, taking in the local jazz scene, as well as the American jazz influences prominent in South Africa at that time.  

After touring inside South Africa, Cedras relocated to Gaberone, in the neighboring state of Botswana in the early 1980’s. At that stage, Botswana was a home-away-from-home for many exiles of the Aparthied regime in South Africa, and it was here that he met trombonist/bandleader Jonas Gwangwa. Gwangwa was the musical director of the Amandla ensemble of the ANC, which Cedras joined, traveling not only in Africa, but also in Europe, Canada and Brazil to perform and spread the word of Nelson Mandela’s movement.

Late in 1986, Cedras returned to Southern Africa. He again worked with the exiled artists community, participating in the Buwa project headed by Caiphus Semenya and Letta Mbulu. While in Zimbabwe, Cedras was contacted by Paul Simon to join his “Graceland” tour band--a pioneering effort that helped launch the “world music” phenomenon, a fusion of various musical traditions from around the globe. Since then he has toured regularly with Paul Simon and Simon and Garfunkel. Recording credits include work with Paul Simon, Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte, Ziggy Marley, Henry Threadgill, Milton Nascimento, Ladysmith Black Mambazo, Cassandra Wilson, Joe Bonamassa, Garland Jeffries, Kaissa, Christine Vaindrilis, Jonathan Butler and Samite.